Register Image... Have you ever shopped online and reached the point during the purchasing process that you are asked if you want to "register" for an account? A customer registration option is no longer new in the e-commerce world, but a lot of customers are still unsure about using this store feature. What does it mean exactly?...and why would I want to register? Is the information I enter during registration going to be safe, secure and kept private?...especially if I opt to add a credit card number to keep on file??? Good questions! Let me address the security concerns first...

Fraud and Identity Theft...

As a general rule whenever shopping online, make sure that the store processes information and transactions in a secured and encrypted manner. All stores that uses encryption technology should display some sort of indicator on their site. At Lolita Wine, we display the secure transaction button on our shopping cart page (below) Encryption Seal Stores that process credit cards as an accepted form of payment should also be required to go through an audit procedure once a year to certify that they are in compliance with all credit card security rules and privacy protection laws. At Lolita Wine we display our compliance badge in the footer of all of our web pages.  It includes a clickable link to the 3rd party auditors that perform the audit for our credit card processor and gives up to date information on security compliance for our store. Credit Card compliance badge If you shop on a site that does not display such badges, it does not necessarily mean that they are not operating in a secured environment, but if they are they SHOULD display the proof! I would call the merchant to make sure. Better safe than sorry! Okay...that settled, if you know that the site is secured and uses encryption, it is safe to put your personal information, including your credit card number in a registered account without worrying that it could be "stolen" or used fraudulently.

Benefits to Registering?

  1. Super easy to keep track of your orders. (Comes in very handy when you are trying to remember what glass you sent Cousin Sue on her last birthday!)
  2. Simple log in to check the status of your order and track the package once shipped.
  3. Automatically fills in your billing and shipping information to save you time during that next order! (This can be changed at either the account level or for each order if necessary!)
  4. As a registered customer, many sites give you extra perks! (We are working on a fabulous rewards program for Lolita Wine which will roll out soon. Stay Tuned!)
  5. Many sites let you register using your existing online logins. We offer Facebook, Google, Yahoo and AOL as existing user ID sign-in options. Very handy not having to remember yet another log-in!
Bottom line... does not hurt to register for an account with a reputable online merchant and may actually work to your benefit!  Give it a try...