What Is A Copa Glass???

Popular in England for some time, the Copa de Balon glass was not well known in the United States until recently, as bars and restaurants have started to use the "Copa" glass to serve gin and tonic cocktails.

The design of the glass enables it to trap the aromas of gin, allowing the gin and tonic mixture to be enjoyed more fully. In addition, the larger bowl of the glass allows cocktail lovers to add more lime and ice to the drink, ensuring a flavorful and consistently cool drink.

The same principle is true for other cocktails as well.

The bowl shape of the Copa de Balon glass enables it to prevent the ice cubes in your cocktail from melting and diluting the drink.

Similar in shape to a classic red wine glass, the Copa can also be used for enjoying full-bodied red wines.

The Copa de Balon glass originated in the Basque region of northern Spain back in the early 17th Century.