Did you know that National Teachers Appreciation Day is on May 3? Personally, I don't think teachers get the recognition they deserve. The impact a great teacher has on a student's life is immeasurable.  I can recall my "favorite" teachers throughout school. The list is different now that I am a "grown up"...I liked the "nice" teachers when I was a kid (of course!) Now I realize how valuable the "tough" teachers were to my educational and ethical growth. With budget cuts, changing societal norms, overcrowded classrooms and legislation, teaching must be increasingly challenging as each year passes. Time to give credit to those who work with our kids day in and day out...and NOT just on one day a year! The Teacher's Time Out Wine Glass by Lolita® was created in honor of all our teachers. Whimsical teacher themed images and sayings are painted on this fun glass. Not just for wine drinking teachers, this cheery glass can be used for any favorite beverage...

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