Sipping in September

The season 

Pumpkin spice. Love it or hate it, it defines a month, a season, and best of all a feeling! The pumpkin spice latte (#PSL) is only one aspect of the possibilities surrounding the controversial spice. It’s already September so we don’t have time to dip our toes in the world of this exotic flavor. We’re diving straight into the deep end with this fun and festive pumpkin spiced cocktail. We’re talking graham crackers, cinnamon sticks, and egg whites! Just trust us, ok? 

Pumpkin Cocktail

This is one of those untapped pumpkin spice beverages that will have you on team #PumpkinSpice in no time.

The cocktail 

In a shaker, add ½ oz. Cruzan Aged Light Rum, ½ oz. Kappa Pisco, ½ oz. Daron Fine Calvados, 3 oz. spiced pumpkin cordial, and 1 oz. fresh lemon juice. Add ice, and shake vigorously. Pour into a separate shaker without ice, and add ½ oz. egg whites, shaking for 20 seconds. Pour over ice, and garnish with a graham cracker, cinnamon stick, and cinnamon sugar. 

Recipe courtesy of Felt Bar & Lounge.

The glass

City Life Wine Glass by Lolita®

Our City Life Wine Glass by Lolita pairs perfectly with this pumpkin spice themed cocktail. Own the city, the month, and the season with this festive wine glass. This one of a kind wine glass (hand) paints a picture of a young woman casually strolling through her city in the fall. The combination of the pumpkin spice mixed with this fall-themed stem wear will have you shaking summer away with ease.