Celebrate National Hammock Day

If you're enjoying the Summer then we're excited to make it even better. You might not know yet, but July 22nd is National Hammock Day and that means it's a great time to sit back and enjoy a drink in your favorite Lolita glass!


The Drink


National Hammock Day deserves something special, that means best of the best, so we're making strawberry margarita slushies! This beautiful drink is sure to have you more relaxed than ever while you soak up the sun!


The Recipe

500g of strawberries
240ml of tequila
120 ml of Cointreau or Grand Marnier
4 tbsp of sugar syrup
2 juiced limes


STEP 1 - Tip all of the ingredients into a freezer-proof box, stir, and freeze overnight.

STEP 2 - To make the slushies, tip everything into a liquidizer or food processor and whizz until smooth.

STEP 3 - Divide the margarita mix between glasses and serve!


Via: https://www.olivemagazine.com/drink/strawberry-margarita-slushies/


The Glass



A day of relaxation calls for a relaxing glass! Our Adirondack glass is meant for just that! Throw your favorite drink in here, sit back, and relax!