3 Glasses That We Cannot Keep In Stock!

There are some glasses are so popular they are tough to keep in stock...and there are others that are "sleeper" hits, taking us by surprise with their popularity. Last year we had a number of very popular glasses and a couple "sleepers". The 3 glasses below fit into one (or both) of those categories. We did not think that we would have them in stock again.

To our surprise we have been able to procure a small shipment of each and they are now in stock on Lolita Wine Glasses.com.

The Sugar Skulls Wine Glass has been so popular the manufacturer struggles to keep up with the demand. Perfect for Halloween and Dia Los Muertos, this glass features a "blinged out" male skull on one the front side with the matching female skull on the back. Coupled with the current "skull craze" trend, these glasses just flew off our shelves last holiday season.

The Horn of Plenty Wine Glass is super popular with those looking for unique Thanksgiving table glasses. We sold out very early in the Fall season and did not think we would see this glass again. With it's traditional harvest scene it is perfect for any Autumn table and will go fast again this year.

Finally, the Holiday Beauty Wine Glass is unique with it's dramatic design. I think the fact that this glass is not a "traditional" Christmas design made it even more popular during the late part of last year,. It gleams and sparkles with traditional holiday colors, making it ideal for the entire Winter season. There they are...the surprise "hits" of the 2015 holiday season, back in stock in very limited quantities. Did you miss them last year? Now is the time to snap them up for this year's holiday celebrations!

Sugar Skulls Wine Glass
Horn of Plenty WIne Glass
Holiday Beauty Wine Glass

Holiday Beauty Wine Glass