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Lolita Wine features OFFICIAL glassware designed by Tracy Lolita Healy.

Not only are Lolita® 's wine glasses individually stunning, but their quality and style have also made them instant collectibles. While people rave about the designs themselves, they are equally appreciative of the special twist Lolita® gives them - a recipe written on the bottom of each glass. With the wide variety of designs and glassware available - martinis, wine, margaritas, shooters and pilsners - you're sure to find the perfect one.

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LOLITA® is a registered trademark of Tracy Healy and Designs by Lolita®. Notch Gift Shop is independently owned and operated and is not affiliated, either directly or indirectly with Tracy Healy or Designs by Lolita®. Notch Gift Shop is neither the manufacturer nor the distributor of the Designs by Lolita® glassware.